about us

CMT Tackle began as an attempt to make fishing jigs for ourselves and our friends almost 20 years ago. Starting at the kitchen table, CMT Tackle has grown through entrepreneurial spirit and hard work. A close friend and colleague, Gene Berzinski, was manufacturing hard floating jigs in a nearby town, but after growing ill Gene left the business and CMT Tackle was able to expand our line from basic lead head jigs to include hard floating jigs. Christine Clinton began the business, and through help from loyal friends and family, it has grown to become the best source of freshwater jig heads anywhere. "Gene's Jigs" was sold to the Clinton family shortly before his death. Combining the floating jigs with an already growing demand for the lead head jigs being produced, CMT Tackle was on its way.

As a family business, you can count on CMT Tackle to provide excellent customer service, quality products, and all American-made jigs. Our fishing lures are simply top quality, with only the best materials and paint used. These top-quality jigs and lures were once only available in wholesale quantities and through distributors, but with the advent of new technology, you're now able to purchase the CMT Tackle line of jigs here at our website.

CMT now manufactures countless different jigs, combining cutting edge technology in glow-in-the-dark paints, neutrally buoyant jigheads, lead head jigs from only 1/100 of an ounce up to 3 ounces, and more. CMT Tackle creates the "Willy Worm"™, and has continued to innovate with the exclusive CMT products, including the Hook-Up Style Soft Floater, Neutrally Buoyant Jigs, custom Shad Darts and the ever popular CMT Tackle Jiggin' Minnow.

If you want to use the best jigs available today to catch fish – Tarpon or Bluegill, Bonefish or Walleye, Smallmouth Bass to Catfish – contact us at CMT Tackle. We can provide the jigheads that outperform the competition. Thank you and good fishing!